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Welcome to our home on the web! This webpage is dedicated to following the New York Cosmos but is also the home of the Cross Island Crew on the World Wide Web. If you want to learn about the Cross Island Crew, well then you have come to the right place!

What exactly is the Cross Island Crew?
The Cross Island Crew is a soccer supporters group that supports the New York Cosmos Soccer Club. If you are not familiar with what a supporters group it is essentially die hard fans of a certain club that truly define the word “fan” to the fullest. Supporters group, as well as the Cross Island crew, sit together in designated sections of the soccer stadium and usually are the loudest fans in the stadium. The Cross Island Crew, together with La Banda Del Cosmos and The Borough Boys are collectively called “The Five Points”, are indeed the loudest fans in the stadium at Cosmos home games. What separates the Cross Island Crew from the other two supporters group is that we are looking for fans in Long Island to come out and support the Cosmos, hence the name the Cross Island Crew. While we do not discourage any non Long Islanders to join the Crew, the primary objective of the Crew was to raise soccer awareness across the board in Nassau and Suffolk county and encourage fans to come out and support the New York Cosmos.

Supporters Group at Home Opener

What does being a member of the Cross Island Crew Require?
Really not much. On occasion we may have meetings on game days which are usually held prior to a match in the parking lot of home games or away games if we choose to travel. While attending every home match is preferred it is no way required. The only reason it is preferred is because obviously we want more fans at Cosmos home matches. Our meetings consist of going over chants, or any other specific news that the Crew might want to tell its members. As of today, there is no membership fee to be part of the Cross Island crew. All we ask is that you love the New York Cosmos!

Where does the Cross Island Crew Sit?
The Cross Island Crew as well as the other supporters groups that make up the Five Points currently sit in the red seats behind the goal. These tickets are $15 per ticket and provide a great view of the field and lots of fun and excitement that only sitting with the Cross Island Crew can bring!

Cosmos seating Chart

Cosmos seating Chart

Where Can I Find The Cross Island Crew On Multimedia?
Email- crossislandcrew@gmail.com
Twitter – @CrossIslandCrew
Instagram- @crossislandcrew
Facebook – Click Here For Cross Island Crew Group Page

How Can I Become A Member Of The Cross Island Crew?
Becoming a member is almost as east as being a part of the Cross Island Crew. You can fill out the form below or you can visit us on our Facebook Organization page. We look forward to you joining the Crew! The form below will send all of your information to the email address – crossislandcrew@gmail.com.

Meet the first official NY Cosmos player who is with the Cross Island Crew!!

Marcos Senna Endorses The Cross Island Crew and Their Cause! Photo by cosmossoccerfan

Marcos Senna Endorses The Cross Island Crew and Their Cause!
Photo by cosmossoccerfan


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  1. Hello, I’m interested in receiving information regarding the joining of the Cross Island Crew. I have a few questions regarding the crew, first, are members encouraged to bring flags, banners, and other supporting accessories? Secondly, can a member invite non member friends to sit in the supporters section? Thanks!


  1. Getting Down To Business The CIC Way! |

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