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Gio Savarese: Change Needs To Happen In US Soccer

If you are a soccer fan in the United States, then you have likely been glued to Twitter and the Internet in general to hear the chatter and rumors around the collective bargaining agreement that is currently being negotiated by Major League Soccer, the club owners, and their players. I am not about to weigh… Read More ›

Cosmos Soccer Fan News Is About To Get A Boost!

In August of 2013 I attended the first match of the New York Cosmos reboot with my oldest daughter and remember going into that match just looking to enjoy an afternoon out with her and really hoping I would love the second coming of the team that I fell in love with when I was… Read More ›

Why New York City Does Not Need NYCFC or MLS

If you’re a soccer fan in New York, you do not have to be an NYCFC fan by default as it would be shameful to do so. By Cesar Trelles – 1/5/2015 New York City does not need NYCFC and quite frankly we do not need Major League Soccer (MLS) either. Yes I said it…. Read More ›

Cosmos Season Ends In Extra Time Vs Scorpions

By Cesar Trelles – 11/9/14 Oh how bitter it feels! A feeling that Cosmos Country has yet to experience in the NASL reboot sunk in on Saturday evening. The New York Cosmos will not be the champions this year. It is only fitting however that the Cosmos season end to a team that handed them… Read More ›

Raul Signing The Perfect Fit For The Cosmos

There are those in the soccer world that will look at the most recent acquisition by the New York Cosmos, the signing of legendary Spanish striker, Raul Gonzalez Blanco and simply say “why is Raul going to the 2nd division of US Soccer?”. Of course any team would love to have the UEFA Champions League… Read More ›

This Saturday, Stand For Our Eternal 12th Man Zachary Bernstein!

By Cesar Trelles – 10/21/2014 It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since the New York Cosmos made a young child’s dream come true. Back on October 20th, 2013, the Cosmos made young Zachary Bernstein their honorary captain for the day when the Cosmos battled FC Edmonton. Zachary Bernstein was… Read More ›

Cosmos In Need Of Defense – Can Raul Play Defense?

By Cesar Trelles – 10/21/2014 Raul should be dressing up for the New York Cosmos this weekend. Wishful thinking but of course that is not possible. But given the current state of the Cosmos going into a key match with playoff implications, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if Raul did suit up. As… Read More ›

Cosmos Top Ottawa Without Gio

By Cesar Trelles – 10/13/14 Once again the New York Cosmos jumped out to a lead during their home match on Saturday. Once again the Cosmos gave up that lead as well. Things were looking like they were going to repeat themselves as they had for the last couple of matches. Then head coach Giovanni… Read More ›

Cosmos Ready For Ottawa

The New York Cosmos are ready to take aim against the Ottawa Fury on Saturday night at Shuart Stadium. They took plenty of aim against the Indy Eleven last Saturday but came up without anything to show for it. With the exception of Andres Flores who will be called away to play with El Salvador,… Read More ›

Twitter Contest For Two Tickets To Saturday’s Match!

Its been a blast for me to run http://www.cosmossoccerfan.com for over a year now. There is truly no sense of “work” when you truly love what you do so this has been nothing but fun for me. I’d like to think also that the fun is just beginning. So I thought it would be fun… Read More ›

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Indy Eleven @ NY CosmosMay 24th, 2014
Indy Eleven Vs NY Cosmos- 7:00pm EST

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