Cosmos Soccer Fan News Is About To Get A Boost!

The Five Points Press Is New For 2015 - Come Follow Me On This New Site!

The Five Points Press Is New For 2015 – Come Follow Me On This New Site!

In August of 2013 I attended the first match of the New York Cosmos reboot with my oldest daughter and remember going into that match just looking to enjoy an afternoon out with her and really hoping I would love the second coming of the team that I fell in love with when I was a young child. That match proved to be more that I could have hoped for as my daughter and I saw Pele, munched on hot dogs & popcorn, we screamed, slapped each other high fives, and witnessed an electrifying 2-1 victory thanks to a header by Alessandro Noselli in the 93rd minute! The New York Cosmos and my love for them were back.

A month later, invigorated further after a few more weeks of watching Cosmos soccer, I decided to start this site. As a young kid watching the Cosmos in the 70s and 80s, there was no internet. Thanks to the Internet and the Cosmos return of course, I’ve been able to bring the words, sights and sounds of Cosmos Country to the world via this site.

More so in 2014 when I joined the Cross Island Crew and I was able to experience Cosmos Country through the eyes of the supporters. After a full season of being a Cross Island Crew member and standing with the other supporters groups (Borough Boys & La Banda Del Cosmos) in the Five Points week in and week out, I am thankful for meeting such passionate and wonderful people and the Five Points have become a big part of my life.

Thanks to a small number of these members who share just as much passion as me, I have decided to take my Cosmos blogging to a different and more diverse place. No I’m not giving this up. I love this and the badge too much to ever stop this. I will be joining forces with the Five Points Press, a site run by a staff of Five Points members bringing you Cosmos news just as I have, but also news from the Five Points and Cosmos fans all of the world. To go to the new site, click the picture above or click here.

I am extremely excited to be doing this. I will continue to write as I always have only I will be doing it for the Five Points press. The beauty of this site will be that there will be other perspectives and opinions besides mine. The content that will be posted there will most definitely be more frequent as there will be more contributors all of whom will have fresh new ideas.

Cosmossoccerfan will remain here so that all of my historical content remains available, but a link to the Five Points Press will remain on my home page with the hopes that you will continue to follow there.

2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year in Cosmos Country! Make sure you follow the Five Points Press to keep up with all of the action!

Please bookmark that site and visit us often! Make sure to follow @fivepointspress on Twitter & Instagram

Cesar aka Cosmossoccerfan

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