Cryptic Tidbits Coach Savarese & Pekka Not Raul

Cosmos Head Coach Giovanni Savarese Talks About His Club Today.

Cosmos Head Coach Giovanni Savarese Talks About His Club Today.

By Cesar Trelles: 10/7/14
On Tuesday afternoon, head coach Giovanni Savarese took time to address members of the media as part of his weekly team update. Coming off of another draw to the Indy Eleven and with lots of buzz around the possibility of signing former Real Madrid legends Raul, this was one of the most anticipated updates in quite some time. Savarese didn’t disappoint either.

Savarese started the meeting a bit later than usual by stating that he came out of a meeting that could change the future of the New York Cosmos. He didn’t say directly what the meetings were about but had the following cryptic information regarding the meeting:

“We are in a good situation, good path for what we are trying to accomplish and hopefully we can know sooner rather than later what we are searching for, that is going to consolidate for what we want in the future. But definitely we have been having some good meetings. ”

What that exactly means one can only formulate their own opinions. Is it a stadium? Is it another sponsor? Is it a better TV deal? Time will tell.

With respect the roster deadline, head coach Savarese did confirm that there were indeed no roster changes. He did reveal that there was the potential to sign one player who was not Raul. Pekka Lagerblom, a midfielder from Finland, has been in training camp with the Cosmos but due to International Transfer Certificate (ITC) regulations they could not finalize his signing prior to the Monday roster freeze deadline. Pekka has played for the Finnish national team back in 2003 and has seen some time in the Bundesliga as well as the Finnish Leagues.

As for Raul, Savarese would not comment on their future with him. He would not comment either on whether Raul liked what he saw on the field on Saturday and would only say that he was a spectator at the match. Savarese confirmed that their interest in Raul is not only as a player but in other roles within the club as well. He did admit that Raul did hear the fans that were cheering his name during the game from his suite and he happily acknowledged them.

As rumored earlier this week, there were talks that Red Bulls loanee Connor Lade might go back to Red Bulls for their match against Toronto FC due to more injuries to the RBNY roster. Coach Savarese, stands by his previous comments that a verbal agreement was made with RBNY that Connor Lade will be with the Cosmos for the remainder of the season and that he has not heard otherwise with respect to Lade.

Savarese also revealed that Marcos Senna played ninety minutes on Saturday and is feeling very strong and fit. He is fully expecting Senna to start against Ottawa. Further, it was revealed that Sebastian Guenzatti was purposely left off of last Saturday’s due to the matchups that were presented in the Indy Eleven. Guenzatti is injury free and he will be one of the options for Savarese to select from for this weekends starting eighteen man roster.

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