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Photo Credit - vivalashem on Twitter

Photo Credit – vivalashem on Twitter

By Cesar Trelles

Earlier this week, Iconducted a poll on this site to get the public’s opinions on what the the New York Cosmos should do to boost attendance numbers. Through end of day on Friday here where the results of that poll:

-Increase Marketing & Promotions – 36%
-Sign a New Player – 23%
-Relocate To A New Stadium Other Than Hofstra – 22%
-Ask the Fans For More Help – 9%
-Other – 9%
-Do nothing – 1%

Ironically enough, the Cosmos did sign Andres Flores yesterday and some could argue that with the large Salvadorean population in the surrounding Hempstead neighborhood this signing could have been made in part to boost attendance. Regardless, the signing of Flores brings an additional dimension that the team has been lacking with Diomar Diaz being injured and that is speed.

Most of you thought that the club needs to work on their marketing and promotions. I for one whole heartedly agree with this. When you look at the advertising that NYCFC is currently doing, the Cosmos seem to lag a bit in this department. The Cosmos would be best served with flooding the Queens area as well as the Nassau Country area of New York. Soccer fans in both of these neighborhoods will likely not want to travel to the Bronx to support NYCFC. We did see a Cosmos presence as Studio Square in Long Island City Queens throughout the World Cup. Hopefully we can see more of this in Queens.

For the time being, Hofstra seems to be the home of the Cosmos. As we wait for the Belmont stadium proposal to either be approved or denied the Cosmos will continue to play their home games out of Hofstra University. Hofstra has been a tough home to deal with. They have already dealt obvious blows to the Cosmos when they forced them to schedule the spring season opener on a Sunday as well as a Monday night game. I have always been convinced as well that bleacher style seating is definitely not ideal to keep fans coming back for more matches. If the Cosmos want to shake their division two label, Hofstra is definitely a part of that.

Finally, I enjoyed reading the “Other” suggestions from Cosmos Country. An extremely briliant one that I thought was a great suggestion was to improve their promotions to include a Senna Bobble head doll or one of another player. Others thought that the key was for the team to move to MLS although the club has already insisted that this is not an option at the moment. A smaller stadium than Hofstra was already suggested but this would make the division two label stand out more. Then of course there is a far fetched and creative idea which likely will not sit well with those that bring their families to the matches, strippers in the beer garden. Cosmos Country does have a creative imagination!!

Regardless of what the team ends up doing to improve attendance, results will undoubtedly help that as well. I don’t expect to see the Cosmos duplicate attendance like they did last home game (3,800). Averaging over 6,000 the rest of the season, for me would be seen as a successful fall season.

What Are You Waiting For - Get Your Season Tixx Now!

What Are You Waiting For – Get Your Season Tixx Now!

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  1. I think forgotten in all of this is the Cosmos are still just in their first full season.
    Agree that the Cosmos should be focusing on the part of NYC area in which they play Queens/Nassau County. A similar case in which where the MLB Brooklyn Dodgers once relied heavily on the support of the Boro of Brooklyn with people living in Brooklyn.

    Cosmos being a new franchise will need to continue being visible and partner with youth soccer programs in the Queens/Nassau County area.
    Being connected to at least one of the major news paper media outlets would also be the best way to market them.
    Newsday for example appears to be the biggest that serves the Quenns/Nassua County and Long Island area. having a Cosmos beat writer along with taking add space would be a good strategy to attack.

    Also to me still important is for the Cosmos to have matches Broadcast on a TV Network in the NYC area. OneWolrd Sports being the Cosmos Broadcast partner is great but to have those Broadcast Simulcast live on a NYC Network is important.
    SNY did carry some in the past I know but would need an all deal with one or a combo of maybe two Networks one a sports Network like SNY and the other an over air Network. Kind of confussing trying ti figure out who owns what the Network would ideally be one that is a Mainstream Network which could have the new digital sub networks

    SNY would be ideal with its coverage of the Mets near the Cosmos area but also I believe there is an ownership connection in Newsday and WPIX. Which ever over air Network partnering with the Cosmos could/should bring matches Broadcast on the Network and/or one of the subnetworks as well as having the Cosmos being part of its regular News team coverage through the sports department.

    NASL itself has not gotten to the point where it is carrying any of the clubs away matches on a local Network. I do not know if OneWorld Broadcast Cosmos away games but for the Cosmos to get whatever Network that is carrying a Cosmos away game to be simulcast on the NYC network that would carry Cosmos games. Not having the ability to show away Cosmos games on a NYC network cuts their coverage in half.

    Finally the time is perfect for the Cosmos to gain visibility in the Queens/Nassau County area with the Nets and now the Islanders moving to Brooklyn leaving them to fill the void as the second sports franchise to the Mets

  2. Hi Steve,
    Away games are still not carried by ONE World Sports. There was talk prior to this season that this may happen but nothing yet.

    You make a great point and one that I have never thought of, that Queens and Long Island have no other professional teams with the Nets and Islanders leaving for Brooklyn. The front office has to find a way to harness those fans!

    • I follow the CFL closely and this is what happened when the CFL returned to Montreal at about the same time the Expos left.The Alouettes moved into a smaller historical stadium at McGill U and out of Olympic stadium and things fell into place. It was similar to the Crew moving into a new SSS intimate stadium in Columbus where the atmosphere for games became exciting drawing fans.
      I have no doubt that the Mets and those invested in them are certainly behind the reason why there are problems with building a new SSS stadium. Certainly blocking the Cosmos and NYCFC from building on the Citi Field grounds. A good possibility that they are also pulling the strings to slow and/or stop the stadium project in Elmont.
      This would leave both the Mets and Citi Field the only option in that part of NYC and bordering areas.
      For now the Cosmos do have the Hofstra location and should be focusing on that to make it the most attractive option to the Mets. Let the lawyers continue to cut through the red tape in Elmont
      Basketball was much more a threat to the Mets but have been gone for years and soccer is likely to be a more popular option than hockey for that part of the NYC area

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