A Little Q&A With David Diosa

David Diosa has seen lots of playing time for the Cosmos in 2014 - Photo Credit - NY Cosmos

David Diosa has seen lots of playing time for the Cosmos in 2014 – Photo Credit – NY Cosmos

By John Frusciante (edited by Cesar Trelles)

One of the only good things about injuries on a club is that players that would otherwise not see playing time have an opportunity to shine in the spotlight. Such could be said about David Diosa on the New York Cosmos this season. With injuries to Marcos Senna, Diomar Diaz, Hans Denissen and Jemal Johnson, the Cosmos have had a lot of holes to plug at midfield and at forwards. Diosa has provided some welcomed relief there this season.

Our contributing correspondent John Frusciante sat down with David recently to get to know him a bit better via an interview:

JF:How does it feel to play for your hometown club?

David:It feels amazing; I’ve been here since I was 17, 18 at the academy and then the U-23’s. I already have that love for the team, for the shirt and it’s great to play in New York. I grew up here, my mom is always in the stadium supporting me and stuff so I thank her and thank God for letting me play here.

JF:What does the contract extension mean to you ?

David:It means a lot because it means that I’m doing good things, you know? I think if I was doing badly, I wouldn’t sign again but thanks to God that everything is going well and I’m improving every day in practice and I’m looking forward to improving more because there’s always room to grow.

JF:How does it feel to be the first player to go through the academy and make it to the first team?

David:It’s another amazing feeling because not everyone has that luck but they say here that you make your own luck and I think that’s a good thing. I think I’ve been doing that and I’ve worked so hard for this that I’m here and again I thank God for that too.

JF:Which country are you rooting for in the World Cup ?

David:I was rooting for Colombia, of course. I was born there, I think they had a pretty good team and I think they were a better team in this World Cup.

JF:Which country do you think is going to win the World Cup Final?

David:I think Germany is going to win the final 3-1. They’re playing better than Argentina.

JF: It has been great seeing you in the starting 11 , you are a very good young player how does it feel being selected for the starting lineup when there are veterans around you fighting for spots on the lineup.

David :It feels great, I mean, there’s a lot of older players here but it’s a good thing because it means I’m doing good things. I think they help me out more to improve my playing and I’m looking forward to keep working harder.

JF:How is it playing alongside experienced players like Carlos Mendes and Marcos Senna?

David:It’s a great feeling. I used to watch Marcos Senna on TV with Villarreal, I’ve seen Carlos Mendes too on TV with the Red Bulls. It means a lot to me because you know I never thought I would meet them or even play with them. It’s great, they talk to me a lot on the field and it helps me out a lot in my play.

JF:Who is the funniest guy on the team?

David:If it’s not me (laughs).I think it’s Nane or Roversio.

JF:Thoughts on what Giovanni Savarese has done so far and the style of play he tries to implement .

David:I think it’s great. I think it’s a different game than anything in the United States. We like to have possession and I think this is the soccer i playing right now, is possession and of course we try to score but you know I think the goals will come along.

DAvid Diosa Against The Strikers

DAvid Diosa Against The Strikers

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