Coach Gio Discusses Injuries, Signings & Attendance

Coach Savarese Speaking with ONE World Sports after the match Photo Credit - Eytan Calderon

Coach Savarese Speaking with ONE World Sports after the match
Photo Credit – Eytan Calderon

By Cesar Trelles
As part of his weekly coaches conference call today, New York Cosmos head coach
Giovanni Savarese took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss the club as
they go into their match against the Ottawa Fury this weekend.

Head Coach Savarese revealed that while Marcos Senna has been training fully, he
is still not 100% match ready and remains questionable for this weekend’s match
in Ottawa. He would only describe him as day to day.

“I must say that the guys that have been playing, I trust them fully so I think they can do a very good job regardless.” responded head coach Savarese when further asked if he felt that Senna was needed back in the lineup. “Nevertheless
the experience of Marcos Senna, his leadership, his qualities are definitely an
important part of our organization and we have been playing many matches for a
while without him. He contributes very much to many different things to the
team. So we are looking forward to getting him back but for now the team has
been able to play some very good matches without him.”

Members of The Cosmos Come over to the fans to say thank you. Photo Credit Eytan Calderon

Jimmy Ockford will be available for the Cosmos this weekend against Ottawa.
Photo Credit Eytan Calderon

Jimmy Ockford who was unavailable this past Saturday against the Scorpions due
to a concussion, has been cleared to play this weekend in Ottawa. Jemal Johnson
is exepcted to part take in full training starting on Wednesday as will Hans
Denissen who suffered a twisted ankle last week during training. Diomar Diaz is
a possibility to resume training on Wednesday as well. Finally, Alessandro
Noselli is currently not with the club due to personal reasons but coach
Savarese expressed his anxiousness to have him back soon.

When asked about the recent attendance woes that the club has experienced, he
expressed that his priorities lie with the soccer that is played on the pitch.
He added that of course the players are more motivated in front of a packed
house and don’t feel the same energy when the matches are poorly attended. Its
interesting to note, that several of the players commented after last Saturday’s
loss to the San Antonio Scorpions, that they came out flat for the fall opener
and just did not have the same intensity that the Scorpions did. Is it possible
that they had little to no energy to feed off since the crowd was thin?

Coach Savarese would add that regardless of the attendance in the stands or the
opponent on the field, he is trying to instill in his team that they must play
at the same level mentally and physically during every match as this is the only
aspect of the game that they can truly control.

When asked about additional player signings, coach Savarese gave the impression
that there was no need to sign a big name at the moment.

“We will make a signing because it will contribute to the team and to the
soccer. As I have always said if we sign a name or if we sign a player from an
ethnic community, it is not based primarily on the number of fans that he will
bring but mostly what he is going to contribute soccer wise.” stated Savarese
when asked if a new player signing might help attendance.

His impression of the team is that they have already competed at the highest
level by winning the NASL and beating Red Bull and have shown that they can
compete with other clubs. He expressed tremendous satisfaction at being able to
reward the players that have brought them success via new contracts and he
expects the fans to continue to provide their full support to the club even if
there are no new signings. However, he did imply that there are players, not
names, that the club is currently in talks with. He reiterated that these
players are those that will help the team improve. He added that aside from
attendance, he continues to remain active in looking for ways to improve the

Tactically, coach Savarese talked about the other forwards on the club and their
lack of contribution with respect to goals. He praised Mads Stokkelien for the
work he has done so far in scoring goals and contributing to other goals. He
mentioned that Alessandro Noselli was well on his way towards getting
comfortable and finding his way with respect to scoring. However due to some
personal matters, Noselli has not been with the club as of late.He also reminded
the media that Hans Denissen has not made his impact as of yet and expects him
to do so once he starts frequent play. He also discussed Diomar Diaz having
missed several matches and how he expects Diaz to contribute upon his return as
he did last season. Overall,he was confident that the team still has viable
resources up front.

Coach Gio briefly discussed the Cosmos Academy program and while he has not been
brought up to speed on all of the specifics on how the academy will run
operationally, he did add that the club is very committed to youth and that they
are building the academy one step at a time and he expects that the academy will
be an important part of the club in the future.

Stokkelien celebrates with Guenzatti- Photo Credit Howard Simmons NY daily News

Stokkelien celebrates with Guenzatti- Photo Credit Howard Simmons NY daily News

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