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While there will always be faithful fans, there are still a lot of empty seats at Cosmos matches! Photo credit - Eytan Calderon

While there will always be faithful fans, there are still a lot of empty seats at Cosmos matches!
Photo credit – Eytan Calderon

After this weekend’s poor showing attendance wise by the New York Cosmos, (less than 4,00 fans for the fall season opener) social media has been a buzz about what should be done and what could be done to bolster attendance. There are fans who want the Cosmos to open the wallets and spend on a big name since signing Raul has taken so long. There are some that feel the supporters are the club’s best advocate and they should help the club fill seats. Of course there is always more marketing and promotion that could be done.
It remains to be seen what the Cosmos front office will do. However, if you had your say, what do you think should be done in terms of trying to bolster attendance at Cosmos home matches. Chime in via the poll below or leave a reply in the comment box below!

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  1. It is a crowded NY Metro Market. I still think that TV presence is important. One World is a great TV partner but if no one in NY can see the games no one will know when they play. YES, SNY, ans MSG are the major sports network’s in the NYmetro area. If none of those networks are viable then a NY metro over air Network in which people watch on a regular basis having all Cosmos broadcast simulvast on that Network along with commercials about when the game is and having coverage from that networks sports news department makes them real.
    On line networks are great but if there is no local or regional TV coverage it makes them invisible almost. Big 4 franchises obviously have this but also there are other sports like REBulls MLS, ST Johns, Seton Hall Big East mens basketball in which they will need to get onto that level

  2. Hi there Steve, actually ONE World Sports has managed to make it onto most cable providers, if not all in the NYC area. I definitely can’t speak to markets outside of NYC but it seems like they have NYC covered for now. MY only issue with their coverage currently is that they are still not covering away matches. That would truly be ideal if they could. If I hear any news on this front however you will be sure to find it here!!

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