The Purpose Of US Open Cup

Everyone has Their Opinions In Cosmos Country -  Photo Credit - Eytan Calderon

Everyone has Their Opinions In Cosmos Country –
Photo Credit – Eytan Calderon

Recently I was asked by a fellow fan of the New York Cosmos if he could submit his opinions on the US Open Cup and the value that winning the cup would have on the NASL. I thought it was a splendid idea and one that was right along the lines of me wanting to have guest contributors to this blog. I mean, this is a site for Cosmos soccer fans right?

So here is John Frusciante’s thoughts on the winning the US Open Cup.

Will a CONCACAF slot for the NASL claim the League a relevant 2nd division league?

It will. It would provide more things to play for and a better chance to grow the NASL and the NY Cosmos. In addition it would help get world class players for future seasons.

A couple of months ago Bill Peterson said that he thought the NASL should receive a direct qualification into the CONCACAF champions League. Well that might come to fruition if the Cosmos, or any NASL team for that matter, win the US Open Cup. As we all know, Cosmos already started their US Open Cup campaign with a win against the Brooklyn Italians in the third round . Next was a win in a fourth round encounter against the New York RedBulls by a score of 3-0.

Should the New York Cosmos succeed in going deep in the US Open Cup for example, make it to the finals or even reach the semifinals, then I believe the NASL could have an argument with CONCACAF. This may sound like a lot of “what-ifs” but it is possible not just for the Cosmos but every team participating that is not from the MLS. Currently, in addition to the NY Cosmos, the Atlanta Silverbacks and the Carolina Railhawks are the two other NASL teams alive in the tournament. The Rochester Rhinos, from the USL Pro league, are also still alive in the tournament. If NASL or USL Pro teams receive a direct slot for CONCACAF champions league, the approach of the NASL will be different and people will take a deeper interest in US Open Cup matches. More fans will watch more games, more will attend matches and hopefully have a genuine interest with the product on the field. I feel strongly about this point and it is my hope that if the NASL does do well, that Commissioner Bill Peterson will confront the CONCACAF about this.

Let me know your thoughts – do you agree or disagree? Have your own opinion, please comment below!

The opinions above are those entirely of the writer and are not representative of The Cross Island Crew or anyone affiliated with this site.

Cosmos Looking To Part-take in many more US Open Cup Matches -  Photo Credit-Eytan Calderon

Cosmos Looking To Part-take in many more US Open Cup Matches –
Photo Credit-Eytan Calderon

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