One Month From The Season – 10 Reasons To Cheer In 2014!

Click On The Picture Above To Purchase Your Tickets!  Photo By

Click On The Picture Above To Purchase Your Tickets!
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Its hard to believe but the season is now exactly one month away. For fans of the 2013 New York Cosmos this off season has felt like an eternity. But at last, as we approach a month left til opening day, one can smell the concessions at Schuart Stadium, you can hear the drums and chants from the Five Points and you can feel the excitement that only Cosmos matches can bring.

For this that are new to the Cosmos are for some reason are unsure about why you should follow the team, here are my top 10 reasons to follow and support the NY Cosmos this year!

10. The Cosmos Girls– what other professional sports team in NY has their own energetic and vibrant cheerleaders like the NY Cosmos? These girls serve as a welcoming committee throughout the stadium and put on a great show at half time too!

One of the reasons to root for the Cosmos in 2014!

One of the reasons to root for the Cosmos in 2014!

9.A Cosmos Match Is Fun For The Entire Family – Its summertime and you want to take in something fun that won’t take up your whole day.. Young or old, everyone has a great time at NY Cosmos Matches!

8. A Cosmos match Will Go Easy On Your Wallet – Starting at just $15 per ticket you can watch professional soccer being played here in NY. Best sports bargain in town!

7. Support an Organization That Gives Back To The Community – The NY Cosmos know what its like to be an active member of a community. Through several clinics and fundraisers the team has proven that they are committed to giving back to the community. When you follow a team like this it gives you a better sense of pride.

6. Green and White Colors Are The Best Sports Colors In NY – Need I say more?

5. Follow The Brand That Made Soccer Mainstream in the USA – If you are not familiar with the NY Cosmos history its worth noting that prior to the team’s success in the 1970’s, soccer was not very popular and drew very little in terms of fans. After the Cosmos success in the 70’s well that all changed! They paved the way for other successful clubs and eventually the MLS. Support one of the game changers!

4.Once A Year, You Will Get To See Pele – Even if you don’t follow soccer you know Pele is an icon. He is also the team’s honorary Chairman. He was at last year’s opening day and will be there again this year. It’s a pretty safe bet that he will be making an annual appearance!

3. Sing & Chant With Passionate Supporters – Whether you sit in the Five Points section or not, you will witness passionate cheering and rhythmic chants when you come to Cosmos matches. These infectious tunes will likely have you clapping and singing even if you never thought you would!
Supporters Group at Home Opener

2. This Cosmos Team Can Rival Any Team In The MLS – I mean that – do not let the fact that they are in the NASL fool you. This team is competitive and leaves it out on the field every match. They value their fans and will put on a show for you. Talent is strong in Cosmos Country- come out and see what I mean!

1. They Are The Defending 2013 NASL Champions! – I get that some people may not have realized that the Cosmos are playing once again. But once you get past that, the most important thing to know is not only did they come back after 30 years to compete but they competed very well. So well, that they won the championship last year. Their 2013 NASL Trophy is due to be presented to Pele on opening day – what a sight that is going to be.

Make sure you are there for the whole season as they battle every week to repeat as
NASL champions in 2014!

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