New ONE World Sports Promo – High Energy!

As many of you have seen in the past, I take a lot of video during all
/” title=”NY Cosmos Website” target=”_blank”>New York Cosmos related events. Whether it match day, viewing parties or just anywhere where the 5 points are congregating, I like capturing the energy and festive atmosphere that the 5 Points create. Some of those videos came in handy when I needed a quick fix during the long winter months of having no Cosmos action to root for!

In December, ONE World Sports approached me about my videos and asked if they could use them to create a promo regarding the Cosmos for the 2014 season. They said that the energy of the 5 points is unbelievable and they wanted a promo that did nothing but show that. Of course, you know I couldn’t turn that down. Check out the final result below. Its only 30 seconds – but its 30 seconds of nothing but 5 Points! Special thanks to ThisIsCosmosCountry who steered them in my direction when ONE World Sports asked “who is this CosmosSoccerFan guy?”. They were nice enough to include a nice little hashtag at the end of the video!

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Indy Eleven @ NY CosmosMay 24th, 2014
Indy Eleven Vs NY Cosmos- 7:00pm EST

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