Belmont Stadium Decision Coming Soon!

Decision Is Imminent - Will it Favor The Cosmos?

Decision Is Imminent – Will it Favor The Cosmos?

Well its not exactly a decision, but its a glimmer of hope that the State has not completely forgotten about the New York Cosmos proposal to build a stadium. With the team en route today to Dubai to commence a series of pre-season exhibition matches, I could only wish I was with them heading to a warmer climate. Instead I was on a train with fresh snow on the ground – reading the NY Newsday. Thankfully they gave me some good news this AM. The newspaper is reporting that the Empire State Development Corp is close on making a decision as to what will happen with the Belmont site.

According to the article, the Cosmos are not the only ones with plans for the site. There are three other developers that have submitted proposals for the site all three of which are planning to put either supermarkets or shopping centers. In my opinion, none of the other plans will come close to providing jobs like the Cosmos proposed stadium plan. While I am biased, I still think the Cosmos plan is the best use of the space. Let’s hope that the ESDC thinks the same thing.

I have posted a graphic of the article below in case you cannot access the article above due to not having a news day subscription.

What are your thoughts regarding the Cosmos plans? Do you think the Cosmos should have a plan B? I would love to know your thoughts about – comment below if you would like to chime in!

Keep your fingers crossed Cosmos Country!

Newsday Article Regarding Decision On Belmont Location

Newsday Article Regarding Decision On Belmont Location

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