Pele And The Cosmos Are Off To Dubai!

Cosmos are off to Dubai!

Cosmos are off to Dubai!

The New York Cosmos announced on Tuesday more of their pre-season plans for March. The team is scheduled to travel to Dubai and will be there for a period of two weeks. During their stay there, they will be experiencing world class facilities and holding workout sessions at the UAE football association’s new training facilities. As of right now the Cosmos will take on three teams from the Arabian Gulf League. Which teams those are will be determined at a later date.

The rumors of the Cosmos traveling to the Mideast have been swirling for weeks now. In addition to their travels, the rumors of former Real Madrid star Raul being added to the team have also taken center stage for weeks now. With the Cosmos in his backyard, might he seek some workouts with the team during their stay there? Makes you wonder!

There is no question that this trip is monumental for the team. While the Cosmos travelled all over the world back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, they never made it to Dubai and this will be the first time the team has travelled there. With this trip, it will be the 3rd international trip this version of the team has made. Last spring they went to the UK to take on Leyton Orient. In the fall of 2013 they would travel to Spain to take on Villareal. Now they are off to Dubai. Say what you want about the Cosmos and the league they are in. They are still an internationally known brand that is still in demand all over the world. To second that notion, the team’s honorary president Pele will be with the team for part of the trip.

I have yet to see Don Garber or any MLS sides take this many trips overseas- just saying?

The Cross Island Crew wishes the team the best of luck and safe travels when they head to Dubai! Can’t wait to see them at Hofstar once they return!

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