The 12 Days Of Cosmos Christmas!

Hey there Cosmos Country! I know its been a while since I have been around! Holiday season has me in a frenzy and of course it has me in a Cosmos mood also – Which is why I came up with the following “Cosmos” version of a traditional Xmas Classic called “The 12 Days Of Cosmos Xmas”.
Allow me to also explain here in a little details why I would like the certain item that I have named for each day! FYI I will be updating this post daily until I get through all 12 days!

One the 6th Day Of Christmas My Cosmos Gave To Me:

As many of you know the team came back this year and captured it six titles. I would like nothing less than to have replicas of those 6 trophies in my little man cave at home! Hopefully the organization is reading this and we see a set in the near future!

6 Stars Representing The 6 Championships!

6 Stars Representing The 6 Championships!

Only because it sounds good and well they probably would look bad under the tree? (lol)

The Cosmos Girls

The Cosmos Girls

Of course we have the green and white kits that we saw this year in 2013 but I think it would be nice if the team added another two variations? Perhaps something Blue and Yellow? And something with collars! I would pick one up right away!

“3 SGs (Supporter Groups) FLARING”
This is completely inspired by the awesome display of supporting that I witnessed in Atlanta during the Soccer Bowl. The pyro and smoke that the Five Points went equipped with was so awesome that I would love to see this again in Hofstra from time to time. Imagine the Five Points throwing up flares and smoke in Hofstra? Oh yeah!!

Photo courtesy of Jeremi Part

Photo courtesy of Jeremi Part

The Cosmos deal with One World Sports was great – but that only covered home games. Is it possible to link up with another network to offer away games? ESPN3 would even be a viable option. Even though their coverage is still online at least it looks and sounds better than lets say Ustream!!

One World Sports Had Been Great - But Can We Get Another Network To Cover Away Games?

One World Sports Had Been Great – But Can We Get Another Network To Cover Away Games?

“And a Grand Soccer Pitch In Belmont!”
Its been discussed at length throughout Cosmos Country. Its still in limbo but I would want nothing more as a Cosmos fan than to have the proposed stadium in Belmont announced as approved! I still drive by the proposed sight every morning on my way to work and allow myself to day dream for about 30 seconds that I am turning off of Hempstead turnpike and heading into the parking lot there for a Cosmos match instead of proceeding to work! Make it happen Cosmos!

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