Previewing Saturday’s Match -Uncertainty In Atlanta

The NY Cosmos are off to Atlanta a whole week before the actual Soccer Bowl to play the Atlanta Silverbacks this Saturday in the final regular season game of the 2013 NASL Season. Going into this match about the only thing that might be certain is that the Cosmos and Silverbacks will definitely meet again next Saturday in the Soccer Bowl.

For me, I would love to be in the locker room to see how coach Gio Savarese is planning for this match. Here are some of my questions.

*What to do with Marcos Senna?
The Cosmos star veteran left last Saturday’s match in the 2nd half due to a rolled ankle. My gut instincts say to sit him out for this game, but we have not seen a Cosmos lineup without him in the midfield all year. Is it in the Cosmos best interest to send a team out there against Atlanta without him?

How will Senna's Ankle Be?  (Photo by

How will Senna’s Ankle Be?
(Photo by

*What to do with the rest of the starters?
Kyle Reynish leads all Cosmos players with 1170 minutes played – if you’re not keeping track at home that’s every minute of every match this season. Carlos Mendes is not far behind with 1155 followed by Senna with 1149, hunter Freeman with 1070 and Ayoze at 1057. Does coach Gio give some of his starters a rest this week and play some of his bench this week against Atlanta? Keep in mind that if the Cosmos lose this match it could give Atlanta momentum going into the Soccer. Bowl.

Kyle Reynish and a lot of starters have racked up plenty of minutes! (Photo by

Kyle Reynish and a lot of starters have racked up plenty of minutes!
(Photo by

*Can The Cosmos Solve Joe Nasco?
The first time the Cosmos played the Atlanta Silverbacks, the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Senna was the only player for the Cosmos that was able to put the ball past Silverback goalie Joe Nasco and that was via a free kick. The Cosmos blast 17 shots that day, 9 of which were on goal, but Nasco was brilliant at goal. Can the Cosmos get the ball past Nasco this time?

Goalie Joe Nasco of the Silverbacks

Goalie Joe Nasco of the Silverbacks

*What team will the Silverbacks Show The Saturday?
This could ultimately turn into a soccer themed game of poker on Saturday. While Atlanta has lost their last two games, both of which were on the road, they have won their last three games at home. Will Atlanta do their best to avoid losing three in a row? If you were the Silverbacks, would you want to limp into the Soccer bowl as losers of three in a row of would you want to put forth all of your players and try to get a win? Who will show their cards in this game of poker on Saturday!

If you can’t get the game feed at home, make sure to attend the viewing party at the Football Factory sponsored as always by the NY Cosmos! This should be an interesting game to watch and determine the answers to all of the uncertainty in Atlanta!

November 2, 2013 Viewing Party  (Photo Courtesy Of NY Cosmos)

November 2, 2013 Viewing Party
(Photo Courtesy Of NY Cosmos)

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