Need A Lift To Atlanta?

Be There To Watch The Cosmos Play In Their First Soccer Bowl In Over 30 Years!

Be There To Watch The Cosmos Play In Their First Soccer Bowl In Over 30 Years!

So the NY Cosmos announced their ticket plans to the Soccer Bowl in Atlanta. The cost of a ticket to the match is reasonable – $30. But the cost of getting there and staying there can be rather costly given the economy that we are in.

In my opinion, the best way to get to the match is to carpool. I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of Cosmos fans and that’s how we plan to get to Atlanta for the November 9th match. Now to really make this work, you should have 3-4 people who are willing to share the driving as well as the costs associated with getting there such as gas, tolls, etc. The drive itself has been advertised as a 15 hour drive. If the drive is split between 3 or 4 people then four to five hours of driving isn’t horrible when you factor in the money saved.

Recently I was asked by a few fans how I was getting there. When I told them about my carpool they reacted and hoped they could find one too. So I decided to open up this blog of mine to help Cosmos fans meet other fans who might want to carpool to Atlanta for the match. If I can help a few Cosmos fans get to the match then I feel I;ve done my part to help the team. I cannot stress how important it is for the Club to have a strong showing at this Soccer Bowl. If you’ve cheered them all year, then I feel like every fan should make every effort to get down there without having to break the bank.

I will be keeping a list of Cosmos fans who are interested in car pooling.

A few disclosures of mine regarding my carpool planning attempt:
1- I am not guaranteeing that you will get to Atlanta, I am only putting you in touch with others who need to get there as well
2- If you choose to make an arrangement with someone to carpool, I am not responsible for the plans or how they work out.
3- I am not coordinating the carpool – only putting you in touch with other;s who are interested.
4- We are all Cosmos Fans here – if you enter into an arrangement with another fan to car pool, lets all do the right thing!

So if after reading my disclosures you are interested in throwing your name out there for a possible carpool, please contact me with the following information:

A) First Name and Last name – (I will only post your first name and last name initial on my site)
B) # of people you would be traveling with
C) # of people in your party who would be willing to share part of the driving
D) would you be willing to provide your car
E) would you be willing to split the cost of your car rental
F) town where you currently live

Please contact me for consideration in one of the following ways:
– leave your info in the comments section below
-email me on
-send me a DM on twitter @iamcesart97 (cosmossoccerfan)

If you don’t leave me all of this information then I will not post your name here for consideration

I will give this list a shot through Sunday. After that, I would think that those persons interested should be working together to finalize their plans. But of course if need be, I will keep the list longer.

Hope to help out a few of you out there in Cosmos Country and most importantly – HOPE TO SEE YOU IN ATLANTA!

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