Heading In The Right Direction

The New York Cosmos are currently engaged in a battle for a berth in the Soccer Bowl. With this past Sunday’s result that most of us would like to forget,the concern over the Cosmos making it to the Soccer Bowl has increased just a bit. However this hasn’t stopped the Cosmos management from looking ahead towards next year.
They demonstrated that point with a huge announcement today. With 2 games still left in his rookie season as head coach of the Cosmos, Giovanni Savarese was given a multi-year contract extension today for an undisclosed amount. Not only is that one heck of a vote of confidence on behalf of management but its also the organization’s way of saying “we’re not letting you get away from us!”. It should be no mystery that Savarese has amassed an impressive record for a rookie coach. 7 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss while going undefeated at home is more than anyone could have imagined for. Look even further behind this record and its important to remember that the Cosmos were 2-3-1 after 6 games and it seemed like the period of time they had together before the season started might have proved to not be enough. Gio was confident in his players, made the changes he needed to make, and treated every game with the same intensity and passion.

Gio Savarese Has Displayed Intensity When Needed, but has kept the team focused.

Gio Savarese Has Displayed Intensity When Needed, but has kept the team focused.

In having an opportunity to speak to some players last week, all of them share the same sentiment when asked about playing for coach Gio. They love playing for him. This bodes well for the team if they follow through on their intentions to sign more impact players. If the players that you already have are singing praises of their coach, what better selling point do you have for potential players? Truth to the old saying – it starts at the top. Management had faith in Gio to bring over 20 guys together of all different skill levels and languages and make it work as a team.

This is the same management who was brilliant enough to bring in fabulous sponsors such as Emirates Air, Samuel Adams and Nike to name a few. With the Emirates Air sponsorship deal confirmed to be a multi-year deal, I can’t help to have the following crazy visions of a structure looking like this pop up somewhere in the Belmont Park area of Elmont:

Could Emirates Stadium Be The Name Of The Cosmos Belmont Plans?

Could Emirates Stadium Be The Name Of The Cosmos Belmont Plans?

Finally, if you were excited about the Gio Savarese signing today as you very well should be something tells me that this team may not be done yet with their announcements. You never know what this team might have up its sleeve. They have already expressed their interest in being competitive in the US Open Cup. Could a big signing be coming up in the near future? Likely wouldn’t happen until after Soccer Bowl but one must be intrigued. Never the less, one would have to agree that what they have seen from management so far dictates that the team is headed in the right direction!

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