A Look Inside A NY Cosmos Viewing Party!

Outside of Jack Demseys Bar

Outside of Jack Demseys Bar

For Cosmos soccer fans like me I savor the opportunity to go to their home games these days at Hofstra University. Being a resident of Long Island, location makes it even nicer for me to attend the home games. However away games are a different story. With no local TV coverage, the NY Cosmos team has done an excellent job partnering with area bars to stream the away games. This gives fans the opportunity to get together and not just watch the games together but also gives them an opportunity to meet other Cosmos fans and build the community of Cosmos fanatics. If you ever wondered what these viewing parties are like read on and I will give you an idea of just what its like.

First off, a HUGE congratulations to the team on another gutsy road win! This team is miles in front of everyone else right now. But I’ll write on last night’s game in another post.

Last night I attended the viewing party at Jack Demsey’s bar in Midtown Manhattan. This was the second viewing party that I had attended with my last one being at Legends just up the block. Why have I only gone to two viewing parties you ask? Well I had to give watching the matched at home a couple of tries. I did a couple of away games from home. One of them I watched alone, and one I literally watched at home with all of my twitter followers as I was chatting with them the whole match. My decision was that I don’t need to provide game updates – I think the Cosmos team can do that. I would match rather be at one of these viewing parties!

Upon entering the bar last night, I was greeted by Anthony from the Borough Boys who introduced himself and gave me a warm welcome. I spent some time before the game chatting it up with alot of the Borough Boys as well as other fans who follow the team on social media. Once the game started, the chants from the supporters started and never stopped the entire night. It was probably louder in the bar than it was in the stadium for the simple fact that we were in an enclosed room. Here’s a sample of one of the chant while in the bar:

Always present at these viewing parties are the Cosmos Girls and last night was no different. They were there wearing their colors and interacting with the fans that showed up all the while giving away small team souvenirs away! I think these things are just as fun for them as they are for the fans as I noticed that they really enjoyed taking part in the chants. I mean they do have their own routine that they do have to carry out at the games right?

An added bonus that I was not expecting going to the viewing party last night was a brief half time dicussion given by a fan named Leo who I believe was part of the Borough Boys. Leo had actually attended the “Team Supporters” meeting with NASL officials earlier in the week and brought us up to speed with what was discussed there. Of course the twitter-sphere has been blowing up recently with talk of security concerns for fans when they go to away games. It seems the league wants the teams to take a more active roll in overseeing security and not leaving it up solely to the venues that host the games. We look forward to seeing how this will play out especially when teams like the Tampa Bay Rowdies bring their fans with them to Hofstra next year! For more on what was discussed at that meeting, you’ll have to track Leo down! Below is Leo discussing the league meeting with the Cosmos fans at Demseys last night:

Just before the second half began, one of the owners of the bar, Vinny came out with a tray of shots for all who attended. A very classy gesture which of course is always appreciated by sports fans! Here’s Vinny below:
Vinny Passing Out Shots At Halftime

Vinny was very hospitable, lively and eventually encouraged us all to take a group shot to commemorate the night – mind you at the moment, the Cosmos were not even winning yet!!
Vinny Front Right With All In Attendance Treating Us To A Shot

Once the second half the real party began! The Cosmos would only score one goal but the second half in a way allowed the fans to genuinely start to think about the possibility of the Cosmos making the Soccer Bowl in Atlanta. As the game went on, we realized that we would be 7 points up in the NASL standings if we held onto the victory. With four games left after Saturday night, we really would only have to gain three more points on the field in order to make the soccer bowl- that’s one more win. The vibe in the place became more celebratory as the match went on and the chants took on a whole different theme – that of the Cosmos hoisting their 6th NASL trophy. Hear for yourselves:

Finally the night brought the opportunity for me to meet and speak with some of the other fine Cosmos Bloggers out there. Cesar from “This is Cosmos Country” was in the house as was Antonio who writes “The Cosmonaut Chronicles”. We spoke at length with one another. We spoke about our long running passion for the team for as long as we can remember being fans. Conversation would of course shift to the virtual “monkey” in the room, that being a possible trip to Atlanta for the Soccer Bowl. Lets just say that from a fan perspective, the three of us will be there to give you all the fan coverage that is needed! Here’s a shot of the three of us along with another Borough Boys member:

L to R: Borough Boys member, Antonio (Cosmonaut Chronicles), Cesar (This Is Cosmos Country), Cesar yours truly (Cosmos Soccer Fan)

L to R: Borough Boys member, Antonio (Cosmonaut Chronicles), Cesar (This Is Cosmos Country), Cesar yours truly (Cosmos Soccer Fan)

All in all I stand by my theory that these viewing parties are a huge success. I think the only thing that was truly missing was La Banda Del Cosmos, although a couple of their members were in attendance! If you’re a Cosmos Fan – make it a point to try to attend another one of these the next time there is an away game! I will leave you with some more pictures of the night.

Cosmos Fans

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